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How It Works
How It Works

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  High Peak Power. Short Pulse Duration

Sustainable high pulse power with extremely short-pulse durations ablates
tissue instantly to reach effective dermal depths with sufficient coagulation to
promote collagen remodeling2.

  Fractional CO2 Laser Pulse Widths Comparison (1.0 ms)


  Depth of Penetration

A variety of handpieces provide superficial and deeper depths of penetration. Tissue ablation occurs at the precise level which effectively removes surface discoloration, improves skin texture, induces immediate tissue coagulation and stimulates long-term collagen remodeling for improvement of deep wrinkles and scars 1-11.

  Customizable Treatment

With the highest power to tissue of any CO2 laser, the UltraPulse and AcuPulse deliver the shortest pulse width for any given energy, offering the best control of residual thermal damage and the lowest probability of complications 1-11.

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