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Skin Resurfacing
Skin Resurfacing

As today's image-conscious population matures, greater numbers of patients are seeking procedures to eradicate or minimize photodamaged skin and the ravages of time that cause skin to appear older. Fortunately, there are several technologies to meet the aesthetic needs of your patients, from the gold-standard of laser resurfacing with its broadened utility to the latest generation of non-ablative skin treatments using Intense Pulsed Light, as well as the complementary finishing polish achieved with microdermabrasion techniques.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

CO2 laser resurfacing MaxFX continues to be an ideal method for eliminating moderate to deep lines and creases due to aging and photodamage and with the ActiveFX peel using the CO2 lite features, is now the ideal method for a lighter minimal downtime peel.

Skin resurfacing with heavier settings is a tried and true approach to skin rejuvenation precisely removing layers of skin to correct fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and smooth skin, soften pucker marks, and repair skin discoloration. The results of laser resurfacing are generally quite dramatic and long-lasting.

The UltraPulse Encore has broadened the applications for CO2 laser technology. This laser not only delivers superior tissue effects when treating moderate to deep wrinkles, but when performing a ActiveFX it also addresses fine lines and uneven pigment. By producing a controlled superficial laser peel confined to the epidermis, the ActiveFX with CO2 Lite improves skin tone and surface imperfections with only minimal downtime.

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