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Without a doubt, laser products have become the indispensable, high-tech solution in aesthetic medicine.

  • Lumenis uses high-powered 800 nm diode technology with variable pulse widths and patented ChillTip handpiece to allow for safe and effective permanent hair reduction in the widest range of skin types, hair colors and diameters. Lumenis diode laser systems are compact, lightweight, portable, and virtually maintenance-free.
  • Lumenis CO2 lasers, are installed in aesthetic clinics and outpatient facilities worldwide. From delicate skin resurfacing and blepharoplasty surgery to robust tissue excisions, CO2 laser technology offers the capabilities to meet your needs in a size that fits your environment. Because of its absorption by water in soft tissue, the CO2 laser provides uniform clinical effect with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Its rapid, high-energy pulse makes it the coldest and cleanest ablative laser available today.
  • Lumenis Nd:YAG technology offers a longer, near infrared wavelength where light penetration into tissue reaches its maximum depth. With varying pulse and fluence parameters, Nd:YAG technology allows for effective treatment of large blood vessels and certain vascular lesions.



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